Just testing, this is Jott calling…

Just testing Jott, calling in a blog post, this is very interesting maybe I never have to type again. We will see how accurate this is when I get online after I get home.

Powered by Jott


I called in the above to Jott from my cellphone while driving home. So essentially I called my blog. I also called in a tweet to my twitter page, and an appt. to my google calendar. It all worked flawlessly. I have learned since that you can even Jott entire groups in your contact list. Jott enables us to communicate in a variety of ways without being near a computer.

Too bad I can’t call Jott to clean my house, cook dinner, or walk the dog. Then I could transact my entire life through one 800 number. Still pretty cool though.

One Response to Just testing, this is Jott calling…

  1. I loved testing Jott, Susan… thanks for sharing! I am often driving in the car when I get ideas for a blog post and I wind up talking to myself to commit my thoughts to memory. Now I don’t have to look like a crazy driver who talks to herself on 495! I can dictate my post in the phone. Love it, love it…

    I also see tremendous applications for my future business in sports nutrition and weight management.

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