Seven Examples of Twitter Innovation

Previously Twitter-resistant, I am now a Twitter-convert and continue to be inspired by ways that people and organizations are using Twitter. Please let me know if you have any examples you would like to share and I will link to them!

Seven Examples of Twitter Innovation:

  1. City of San Francisco 311 program
    People can send direct messages to sf311, where customer service representatives are available 24/7. This program is for non-emergency reports of city things like: trash removal, abandoned vehicles, potholes, etc. Check it out.
  2. Twitter for Customer Service
    Dell Computer
    and Southwest Airlines are just two companies on the list that use Twitter for customer service, by scanning the “Twittersphere” for complaints, general discussions/comments or issues and addressing them directly.
    , known for its superior service, is using Twitter for customer service, marketing, contests and general brand recognition. I heart Zappos!
  3. Emergency Preparedness and Response
    The CDC and Red Cross are both using Twitter so that people can report and stay up-to-date on emergencies.
  4. Breaking News, Twitter-style
    Breaking Tweets
    is a dynamic news site is based on information and photos shared via Twitter.
  5. Q&A
    More and more, people and organizations are using twitter to either ask questions or have folks write in with specific topics or questions to be discussed on blogs, podcasts – or in-person at events. I listen to several podcasts where the producers ask their audience to tweet questions which are then discussed on “air”. This technique is also used during live events that are being streamed online where remote attendees can tweet questions.
  6. Tweetups
    Tweetups are becoming more and more popular – essentially these are local, spontaneous, in-person “meetups” for for Twitter users.
  7. Sharing links, documents, music & videoMost organizations are using twitter to communicate, share and connect content.
    Photos: 2 tools – TwitPic, Pikchur

    Music:’s list of 10 ways to share music on Twitter
    Video: Sharing video using Twitc

One Response to Seven Examples of Twitter Innovation

  1. craig says:

    nice post. thanks. i too found twitter initially useless. that was until i discovered the search feature they still hide in the footer. now i can get a “group consciousness” on a subject or find twitterers related to subjects i am interested. i wonder why the search feature is not promoted more.

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