3 Viral Video Campaigns You Gotta Love

Swagger Wagon – Toyota

No matter how hard I try to remain cool – driving a minivan just compromises my ability to do so. I know it – even though I call mine a “high performance minivan” I just can’t hide the fact that it is still a minivan. The fact that we take a lot of road trips and that I actually like driving it means nothing. I have just given in to the fact that by driving this vehicle, all coolness as left the building. When Toyota came out with the Sienna family in the “Swagger Wagon” video, I did begin to feel just a little better:

Now there is a whole series about Swagger Wagon families on their own YouTube video channel. Does this make minivans cool? Maybe not. But it does foster appreciation for Toyota and recognizes how much coolness we give up by driving them.

Mayhem – Allstate

Enter Mayhem. He he’s got personality and he’s trouble no matter where he goes. Mayhem is a tad creepy and entertaining at the same time. This memorable video series is on TV as well as on YouTube. My personal favorite – the outdated GPS (because it hits close to home):

Check out the entire Mayhem TV channel (there are several funny videos here).

Old Spice Guy (yes, I had to mention this too).

Not going to go into too much detail – between the random nature of this plus the male hotness involved – this sells a mens product to a female audience like no other. I never get tired of these. “The Oyster is Now Diamonds…”

2 Responses to 3 Viral Video Campaigns You Gotta Love

  1. andrew says:

    Great picks. I think it just serves as an another example of the benefits of truly investing in your ad spend with great creative that gets mileage far after the original run. When you get your advertisement woven into the fabric of pop culture, you win.

  2. Susan Cato says:

    Thanks Andrew – not to mention these are all VERY entertaining. Hope all is well!

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