As I have written before, not all of us are blessed with work that is related to our passion. The kind of work that doesn’t feel like work, where hours pass, and there is no sense of time. Where hours and days are wholly connected with the moment, and we are in a soul-connected state of being, where there is no sense of time or space.

For most of us, we just have a day job. Work that earns us (hopefully) enough to cover our basic needs, and maybe even enough to fund other pursuits. Personally, I have built a very successful career around things I generally like to do, but I have never really loved my job or my work. Someone once told me, “be careful of what you are good at, you may end up doing it for a long time.” And yes, this is how my career has unfolded.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I have worked on several significant projects, alongside some fantastic people. I developed lasting and meaningful friendships and found inspiration in unexpected places. I have won awards and received lots of recognition. I have been able to raise my children and support my family. For that, and many other reasons, I consider myself extremely fortunate.

Over the years I have learned that perhaps more than what I do or the type of work I am doing, it’s who I get to be while I am there. It’s really about the people I encountered and how we were able to make an impact. What really matters is how we uplifted each other with encouragement, support, wisdom, and collective creativity. It was about connection and community – and making magic happen with our gifts, talents, skills – and intent.

I ran into a coworker from my past recently. She still works at the same organization, and seeing her after all these years was as if I just left yesterday. She told me that when I went, things were never the same. She said that my energy was sorely missed. It warmed my heart to know that my contribution there was more about my energy than any task or project.

I realize that of the many gifts and magic I have to offer, it’s my energy and my soul’s essence that is the most special. I also have come to know that my energy is a light that is only as strong as the connection and community I nurture. At work, at home, with friends and sisters, and out in the world. Since this realization, I have come home, home to a place that no matter where I am working, who I am working with, or what I am doing I am aware that I have some powerful magic to offer.

In the end, it’s not really what we do at work that matters. It’s who we get to be.



  1. Susan, you beautifully said what so many think about. Some people live their whole life without ever experiencing their purpose. When I think back to the years I spent figuring out my soul purpose, I was actually given so many juicy nuggets that were staring me in the face, but I was too close to see or feel them. If we get the opportunity to uncover our gifts and share them with the world, we are living a beautiful life. Keep sharing your light and your brilliance.

  2. I am so happy I have the pleasure of working with you each day … you are a bright light for me. Your energy and insightfulness is a blessing. I am so thankful for you!

  3. Shoshana Kronfeld Reply

    I miss your energy everyday.

    This article spoke so much truth, thank you.

  4. Christina Folz Reply

    I love this. I used to focus too much on whether I had the “right” job, but ultimately I think it’s more important to be the right person at whatever job you have–and to surround yourself with people who appreciate what you have to give. As a moderate job-hopper, I am always touched when someone from an old position tells me they miss me. Leaving a job is a peculiar kind of loss. It can feel one-way because you go away while the rest of the team stays together; it’s nice when someone reminds you that it’s not–every single person makes a difference. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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