Over the past 25 years, I have served in positions of increasing responsibility for trade associations, nonprofits, and professional societies – working at a strategic level to maximize awareness, visibility, growth, and engagement. Working in a variety of positions has allowed me to continually broaden my skills in analysis, development, implementation, and improvement of digital solutions and services. Throughout my journey, I have become a leader and trailblazer, enabling the organizations I have served to improve communications and engagement through a variety of channels.

I pride myself on my ability to develop and implement digital strategies that leverage the right channels for the right reasons. My project management expertise allows me to utilize my strong analysis and troubleshooting skills to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and reduce costs, and I am trusted to speak up and create solutions within tight budgets and schedules. I have extensive experience communicating with customers, stakeholders, volunteers, and management to make serendipitous connections between ideas and activities while motivating teams to bring their full commitment to their work.

I do not easily fit into any one box. My strength lies in the intersection of technology, communications, marketing and organizational strategy. My superpower is the ability to take big, complicated, innovative ideas and create plans to operationalize them efficiently and effectively.

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