About Me

I am a mom, executive, daughter, sister, pet-lover, friend, neighbor, nature enthusiast, newly awakened woman just trying to find my way after being lost for a really long time. I am dedicating a lot of time to learning about myself. It is a journey long overdue for me.

More than anything, I am on a mission to spend my time on things that are meaningful, creative, make a positive difference, and that feeds my soul.

I am an inspiration curator. I am an idea engineer. I help others see possibilities. 

Whether it is helping someone learn and grow, working with organizations to help achieve their mission, or simply uplifting others in small but meaningful ways – I believe that we all have a responsibility every day to make it really matter. The good news is that with each new day, we have yet another opportunity to get it right.



  • Reply HL February 17, 2008 at

    Interesting…I am an executive, Dad, fascinated by the internet and what people can do with it and have done with it.

    I have a blog too…it’s not this deep kind of blog. I can’t lay my soul bare…not because I don’t want people to see it…because it takes so much out of me in energy and emotion to express it… Looks as if you have been at it for a while (August 2005)…

    I’m interested to learn a little more about you…

  • Reply Susan February 19, 2008 at

    This does take a lot of energy – sometimes I shut down and cant write for a while. Overall it’s pretty therapeutic. There are a lot of things that I still can’t seem to write about – not sure what I am scared of other than coming out of denial 🙂

    What do I have to lose anyway? I think this is a most excellent topic to blog about. Thanks for inspiring me!

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